Wednesday, September 22, 2010

News Unplugged/ Ryo-chan

I think I'm turning into a Yamapi fan too like everyone else.. at first I can't believe why people like him.. but after watching him in Buzzer Beat it opened my eyes..  And his hair here really looks good.. yes I have a fetish for hair. Anyway I'm still a Ryo-chan fan.. I know he's gonna get his color back.. well he looks good too with surfer tan. I always love to see live performances.. my eyes sometimes forget about Ryo-chan because of Tegomass.. well mostly Tegoshi... omo! I can't believe I know now all their names lol. Before it's just Nishikido Ryo.. well I still don't know other's full name.. but at least I know one of their names :))

And of course Ryo-chan's special stage with Kazuyoshi Saito.. I'm so glad he did a solo version of "Puzzle" because I love that song.. but I'm not really a Kanjani8 fan so yea... I'm more of a Ryo of News fan :D


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