Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kwon Twins

Yes I am one of them! I really think that they're not YG trainees.. they could be but I don't know.. they have their own dance crew and.. having both sounds weird.. but honestly I want them to be a YG trainee.. when I first saw Go Away live performance I was like "dang YG's hiring good looking back up dancers now.. learned from Pretty Boy performance eh?".. Then I just can't stop my eyes for not seeing him (CL's partner) because he reminds me of Song Joong Ki.. then after few days I keep on coming back on videos just to see him.. then found out that he has a twin that's also part of the Go Away back up dancers.. the one who's back hugging Sandara.. he doesn't have that much screen time like he's brother.. but I checked fancams and he really looks cute.. he also reminds me of a kpop artist.. it's Jaejin from FT Island :D... Well I need to get over this hype because I know I won't see them much like 2NE1.. now my reason for watching 2NE1 or any other YG stuff is to see them... Andwe!!


Anonymous said... :)
you could see their latest pics there. :D

yssers said...

thanks :).. I joined already :D.. I finally know there cyworld acc :D