Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goo Mi Ho lookbook

Credit goes all to they did a great job with the gumiho style. hahaha. Hong sisters got me hooked again in their drama. I remember how I get all excited with the Dweji Tokki that I even name our bunnies after that. lol. If ever we'll have another bunny I'll name her after kogi... I also like the kogi doll.. I know it's one of their marketing strategy but I don't care at all.. I think they're genius.. I wanna grab one! (or maybe not...) Anyway, after seeing this lookbook it makes me want to wear white dress.. though I wouldn't even look close to what Shin Min Ah is portraying.. but it just makes me excited.. too bad it's already getting cold here in L.A... Ayyy! I love Wednesday! another new episode of Gumiho!! woot woot!


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