Friday, September 3, 2010

I think I'm gonna like it

So I stayed up all night yesterday to catch up with "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" craze.. and I was not disappointed =D... Hong sisters never fail! I love how the plot doesn't start with a lie.. Love the humor! Everything is hilarious! Only if they made her nine tails believable, but that's forgiven. And love their soundtracks too. and and love how I can't picture how it will end.. for sure it will be a happy ending, I'm just curious how the transition will be when they comedy will turn into drama.. I hope the comedy part will stay till the end like in "You're Beautiful". I'm pretty sure I will watch every episode (without skipping) but I don't think I'll be crazy about it like You're Beautiful to the point where I watch the live streaming even without English subtitle.

And with "Mischievous Kiss", the most awaited drama didn't fail me even the whole Korea did. I don't know why, maybe not all wants this kind of drama... that's okay I just hope it won't affect the show like in Tamra the Island. where they have to cut off episodes because of freaking low ratings. This drama so much reminds me of Goong.. well duh they have the same producer (not sure if it's producer but somewhere close to that ^_^ ) The teddy bear dolls at the end is just adorable. I love how their CGI looks so real when the heroine is dreaming. and where they kinda feel the musical vibe. I'm excited to see more, it's totally different feel with the Taiwanese version.

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