Thursday, November 4, 2010

[SS2] Make your own Flannel/Felt Board

I'm teaching pre-k's and first graders and this is one of the best way to catch their attention during bible story time. You can also ask them to be the one to put all the stuff in the board during the lesson or if it's hard to control do it first and after your lesson let them re-tell the story to the whole class one by one or by twos.

1. Felt/Flannel Board -materials needed are big sheet of blue and green felt cloth, sturdy cardboard, tacky glue, scissors and a normal glue will also do.

2. People- I did two ways in making them. materials needed are different colors of felt cloth, fabric paint, googly eyes, and tacky glue. If you use a normal glue to glue the pieces together it will not work.  And for the pattern for paper dolls I just googled it online, it's very easy to find.. but if you have art skills you can also do it on your own depending on how you want your people to look like. 
for making the trees and the sun you also need the same materials, I had fun making the trees and clouds :D.. so here's an idea for those who want to use it.

2.1 People- Here's an easy way. I choose this one than the other one because it looks more like a real person. I scan coloring pages from our curriculum then used Adobe Photoshop CS2 to edit it and erase the background and fill in the colors. Sad to say I can't give you out the printables because of copyright issues, it's not my work so.. yea, I'll try to make my own one in the future.  materials you needed for this are iron-on paper,  scissors and felt cloth. Use light color felts but I recommend using white.

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