Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[SS1] Crack the Secret Word

First post! We've been using Mission Arlington's curriculum for the past month and it's really a blessing to go through the book of Acts. Here's the link if you wanna see the curriculum we're using CLICK ME.

This game will be good for  Acts 2:1-13 where the disciples started speaking in different tongues. Materials that you need are just markers and construction paper.

Mechanics: Group the kids according to the number of kids, make sure to mix there ages. The teacher will hold the paper with a word in different language that they have to pronounce, and whoever group pronounces it correct first will get the chance to get clues of what the word means in English.  They have three chances to guess the word. If they guess the secret word with just the first clue they will get 5 points but if they need another clue they can get the second clue but will loose the chance in getting 5 points, they will get 3 points instead, but if they still need the last clue which is the easiest they will only get 1 point if they use that. Basically   even if the other team is winning but keeps on getting 1 point every time they win, the opponent will always have a chance to catch up if they will be able to answer with just one clue

How to make:
1.On the front page write words that are related to the story in a different language. Write the country on the upper right of the paper. and try to write below the word the easiest way for them to pronounce the word. Kids usually have a hard time pronouncing it but that's twist of the game.

2. On the back page write three clues from the word in front.
First Clue- hard, 5 points
Second Clue- medium, 3 points
Third Clue- easy, 1 point

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