Sunday, November 7, 2010

Running Man

I am so enjoying this new sunday variety show! Because Jaesuk is here I know it's gonna be daebak.. And also Poong Ho/Joong Ki my man is here also! I love the whole plot of this story.. Hide and Seek to the next level.. props for the writer.. And for the editor also for making it extra awesome. I love game shows because I get a lot of ideas I can use :D

Now the Gary/Ji Hyo shipping is really funny. I like how Ji Hyo doesn't show any interest in any guy or in any guy guest. Anyway.. I still enjoy watching Running Man even without english subtitle because it's more on actions unlike Family Outing.. =D

Thanks iSubs, thanks KJKGlobal for subbing most of the episodes. and kpopella for always providing raw links :D

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