Friday, November 26, 2010

Favorites before December come

I always post K artist photo shoots here on my blog because I just enjoy everything about it. :D... I haven't been doing it for a month or two..or three.. who knows, and maybe because most of them didn't catch my attention unlike before... anyway. Lee Soo Hyuk has caught my attention once again, dayuum! I wanna see his movie "A boy from Ipanema", He's like every magazine this month and last month.. he's like Song Joong Ki, hehehe. but I got bored with 10asia's photo shoots and High Cut.. or maybe because Lee Soo Hyuk have this sophisticated feel that I get easily bored with.. so I choose his Singles photo shoot because.. it's colorful.. =D

Next is Mr. Yoo Ah In, I have these photos in my folder for a while, I've been debating to myself if I should post it or not. I know Sungkyunkwan Scandal is the talk of the town right now.. I only watch the first three episodes, but it didn't catch my interest even if Joong Ki was there and even if Yoo Ah In's homeless look didn't make me stick to it. But still I love the two characters.. I just hate the bromance, haha.. I want them to be partnered with somebody. Anyway, He also has a lot of photo shoots because of his popularity from that drama. This is my favorite :D Thailand photo shoot :D

Last but not the least.. the cute Star Couple Se7en and Park Han Byul. Also from Singles Magazine. I became a se7en fan this year. yes I'm totally a YG bias.. and he's the first singer (young) who revealed that he's in a relationship, I feel like more singers that are afraid to publicize their relationship will follow him.. ehem*Jonghyun*shinee*. I think it's cute :D... My sister is liking his songs too without me telling her to listen to it, she just borrows my mp3 then bam! she's also a se7en fan. bwahaha! Singles Magazine totally won over me this month =).. High Cut what's happening?

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