Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lie Live

I've been waiting for this... I know they performed this live during their recent concert in Japan.. they just have to! Japanese peeps are very honest and didn't find any fancam or fanphotos during this event.. that's a good things though.. Good thing Mnet Japan released the whole concert in the small screen.. I get to see them perform this live!.. It's not as strong as I expect it to be but maybe it's a whole lot different when I'm physically there... I wanna here Minhyuk's drum more than Jungshin's bass.. and the "ooooohh" is not the same as the one in CD... c'mon yssa! give them a break they sang like many songs before they performed this... but I'm not hating on them.. I actually like it that's why I really paid attention to it :D

check the channel for the all the parts.

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