Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I was contemplating if I should post my new interest because I still don't know if it will stick to me like K-pop did. I tried to listen to J-pop songs because my best friend recommends it, and yea every time I listen to Jpop it always reminds me of Anime, because I known them for that.. not really a bad thing, I think they have their own music.. you know when you hear it for the first time you'll have an impression "it's very Japanese like".

With News, I still don't know.. I'm definitely turning into a Ryo-chan fan and that means I'm gonna have to try News whether I like it or not. They're not really new so I hope I'm not making those crazy fans shoo me. I only like two of their songs, well only two songs stick to my mind while watching the News Winter Diamond Tour. Maybe I was so fixated to see Nishikido's solo performance that I didn't bother looking the other performances. I like all Nishikido Ryo's solo songs, I learned to appreciate his husky voice.. it's rare ^_^ And Yamapi.. Ohmy! I've been always aware of that name but never really checked him out because I was so into Ikuta Toma that time (and still is). The only members I'm confident with names are those two and Koyama. And the rest I have to google them..Tegoshi, Kato, Masuda... and Uchi that got kicked out from the group because of drinking while underage, haha! don't really know the whole shenanigans but I tried to do my research.. well it doesn't really matter I don't think I will like them that much... I still feel I'm gonna stick as Nishikido fan..

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