Friday, April 9, 2010

My Pick for Spring: Cinderella's Sister!

I choose to pick Cinderella's Sister from the three when I watched the first two episodes.. I thought I will be drawn to Personal Taste more because of the story line. But Cinderella's Sister is not that uber extent as I expected.. which is good because I don't like too much drama like Will it Snow for Christmas... It's my first time watching a drama that have a stubborn leading actress so I'm excited. What makes the story interesting was the root of Eun Jo's (Moon Geun Young) anger and why she's always pessimistic, why Cinderella's stepsister have so much jealousy and anger towards Cinderella.. well they revise the story of Cinderella.. we all know the whole story of Cinderella.. the stepmother is treating her like a rug and just caring for her real daughters..  In here we see that she's not very evil stepmother like.. She's not as hard as Eun Jo, the love that she shows towards the daughter of his new husband is not pure but not fake also.. She's just right there, all she wanted is to have a stable family..but because of that she caused her real daughter in great pain that she will carry for a long time. You can say that it's her fault why Eun Jo have so much hatred in her but Eun Jo is not in the right position to shout at her mom and be like that.. her mom never left her, she didn't have abortion when she found out that she's in her womb.. she is still alive maybe not in the greatest condition but she should make the most out of what she has... but then again she's limited to do things, and that's how life is.

I'm also thrilled to see how things will go on for Eun Jo and her stepsister, the Cinderella of the story Hyo Sun. Hyo Sun is a sweet girl, she's ignorant with hate and anger because she's surrounded with love and she doesn't worry if she will be able to eat everyday. Knowing that she'll have a new mother and a sister after ten years make her happy, she's all for it.. she longs for a real family, a real mother to put her head on her lap... (she may have read a lot of fairy tale books or watch too much drama like me ^^) But Eun Jo never showed interest from her, she even treats her wrong even if Hyo Sun cares for her and all.. which eventually turn into anger.. you can't blame her, Eun Jo will turn her into that.

Yea I'm sharing too much information.. I need to vent out.. good thing I have my own space.. So yea, I'm excited how EunJo will end up with a man, and how all these mess will calm down.. I'm curious how they will end this story.. usually I have my predictions already, but for now I couldn't think of any.. maybe when I'm in episode 10 I can predict how things will end.

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