Friday, April 30, 2010

Gummy/ FT Island

Gummy released a new music video today. I was really excited with her new album because "I'm sorry" was so good that you'll want to hear more Gummy songs. And this song makes it extra special casting two of artist that I like.. Jung Ryeo Won and Kim Hyun Joong.. He's very handsome! mostly when men grows up their face changes and they don't look good like they used to be.. Hyun Joong is not like that, he gets more appealing to me. And for Ryeo Won, I'm glad that she gained weight.. she looks prettier ^_^ Can't wait to see Gummy's live performance for this song, it's always better to hear the live version :D

I'm really liking every FT Island songs now, I think Hongki's voice is perfect for Jpop songs.. or should I say Jmusic since they're not really pop. And I love Jaejin's calm voice, it just right for FT Island.. The song definitely has a hook.. very Engrishey but it's forgiven because you don't expect someone to be good at it when it's not their first language.. And love the concept of the music video.. Now I miss seeing them on music shows...

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