Monday, April 19, 2010

Jang Geun Suk for J&J

I know Geun Suk has been all over the place but after releasing the director's cut dvd of You're Beautiful I stopped following him.. it's not like I don't want him anymore.. I just don't expect him to do things that all the idol singers does, I have expectations of him having a less-appearance-so-people-won't-get-tired-of-me strategy.. but I guess he's embracing all the love of the fans. There's nothing wrong with that.. but I don't want my favorite actor to be that famous.. haha selfish much! Anyway, love to see him in a casual look and with a less make up and a clean hairstyle.. just the way I like it ^^.. Excited for his new movie Kimi Wa Petto korean version, I'm excited to see him portray Momo, a very bubbly and lovable character very different from his old project


Anonymous said...

when will kimi wa petto be released?

yssers said...

I don't really kno.. kinda upset bcos i havnt heard any news bout it