Thursday, July 9, 2009

RIP: Volker- Before he was a guard dog he was a family dog


My Auntie found Volker dead around 3pm yesterday July 08, 2009. Volker has been a part of my Aunt's family and so with us. I haven't have a chance to talk to them and share my grief with them, when I heard the news from my dad I couldn't grasp it easily, Volker is a strong dog, he's trained to be a guard and attack dog how could he die that fast?? "he never missed a meal", "he had a big field to play with".. that all came to my mind, but none of that were the reason why he died. He was highblood, it's generic my sister told me that Volker's father or brother also died because of highblood.

I regret so much because I didn't play with him like my brother plays with him, I always get tired running around and getting scratches, I was always scared with dogs, even with our dogs in Philippines, I only play with them when my brother gets mad with our dogs. But my mom, Patty and David were always close with dogs, that's why the get so attached with Volker, even though he got this scary look when you look at his outward appearance he never gets mad like little dogs do.
stolen shots
(Photographed by David)
I'm just a little worried with my three little cousins who's like a flock of sheep with Volker, pushes my cousins with his head to gather them together while they're playing on the field. I remembered are first dog Bingo when he died, we were at the same age as my cousin when Bingo died and that made me think "How did they accept it?" they must have cried a lot. There's always gonna be a place for Volker not only in our hearts but also in my Aunt's place everywhere you look will remind you of Volker, we will always miss you Volker.
sisters w volker
(This was the latest photo we have with Volker, my dad took this photos without our notice. It was very early and me and my sister decided to go outside to play with him before we leave my Aunt's place. Our face didn't came out good, but our time with Volker was priceless)

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