Thursday, July 9, 2009

2NE1: I don't care

YG finally released I don't care MV. It's pretty cool that 2NE1 gives us variation. I gotta admit my curiosity with Sandara's life in Korea was the reason why I like 2NE1 now..It's a great decision of her to go back to Korea, if she stays here in Philippines I would always see her as "baduy", In P-pop they don't train artist that much unlike in Korea, as long as you got the looks and confident they put you on the spot immediately while in Korea they train you for years.. she still needs improvement on her talent comparing to CL, Bom, and Minji... The song tells us that they don't care no more bout there boyfriend. I don't know if other female kpop singer also sing songs that have this kind of lyrics.. most of them are mushy, cheesy,clingy Oppa! songs

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