Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Anyone 09.09.10

Oh my word! I'm so excited for 2NE1's comeback! after 1 year and 2 months of waiting it's finally coming!!!!... I love the full track titles.. and there's gonna be an english version?!... OMO!!! Like I'm so spazzing right now.. all my grudges for YG suddenly disappeared in one snap!... September  9!!! Please come quickly!! Any teaser????


Their new hairstyle is still not sinking in for me... is Minji sporting a long hair?.. CL sporting a dirty blonde, not expected for YG I thought they're gonna be unique.. well anyway it's not really that bad, she actually looks pretty than with a chicken hairstyle. Bommie with a shocking red hair! Wah! Kinda reminds me of Narsha.. Dara well still pretty but since she's always out in the public there's nothing really new to her hair but it's all good ^_^

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