Sunday, August 29, 2010

Instant Replay

I need to be updated huh?.. I'm a late bloomer in appreciating Se7en's Better Together, I like Shinee's Lucifer and Up&Down. I also learn to love Taeyang's whole album, before it's just Superstar but now I'm liking other songs too, like Break Down. And as expected with Brave Brothers they make a very catchy song.. it's nice comeback for Jay Park in music industry after how many months of chaos, I miss hearing his voice! But I still feel different him being solo... well I need to get used to it now.. And yes add Jpop to my lists, I've been captivated by Arashi and Nishikido Ryo's songs.. so wherever Ryo is.. NEWS or Kanjani8 I'll be there. haha. But I'm kinda sad that I don't here much of him here in their new single unlike Rolling Coaster.. but I always love it when he plays guitar rather than dancing. And with Arashi's full album I have few favorites excluding Troublemaker, Monstah! (:]]) and Everything.. it's "movin on" and "1992*4##111"... yea a little Nino bias there..

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