Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Infinite - Come Back Again

Woolim Entertainment first idol group has finally released their debut album along side with a music video. The song is nice, nice as in not irritating in your ears... of course you can't get away from "rap" when you're in Kpop world but the rap was not that hardcore and doesn't sound like they're trying to hard to be a rapper. And it's nice to see one neutral color of hairs and colorful attires for a change. hahaha. I don't know if I'm gonna keep my eyes on them like C.N.Blue and Big Bang.. They're good but the only one the caught my eye is the nice looking guy and under the power of google search if I'm not mistaken his name is Sung Yeol the spelling might be wrong but who cares... 5 stars for being a catchy song (the chorus is alreay stuck in my head) and 5 stars for the interesting video..and the guitar hook (love it!)

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