Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lee Soo Hyuk


I don't know much about him.. but I always mistaken him from No Min Woo before.. I know he's gonna be in the upcoming drama "What's Up?" starring Daesung and Im Joo Hwan. and that he's G-dragon's friend and he's a model..

He's definitely a pretty boy.. haha.. I don't know if I'm gonna like him.. I like he's photo shoots but.. he kinda have this pretty boy with a bad image.. you know what I mean?.. Unlike Im Joo Hwan.. his dark side doesn't really show because of his pretty face.. but with Lee Soo Hyuk.. it's written all over his photos.. anyway.. maybe that's his charm.. can't wait for "What's Up?".. I thought it's gonna air last July..

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