Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Acoustic Movie

When I heard about Seulong starring in a movie with Jonghyun and Minhyuk I was really happy because I know it's gonna be a music related movie.. it gotta be! or else they wouldn't have any reason to cast these guys.. especially the CNBLUE guys.. I'm really a fan of Jonghyun's voice.. it brings me back to my OPM days.. not that he sound the same as Filipino band or anything.. it's just the band itself... and it looks like it's not gonna be a love story for these two boys.. so that's a plus points.. I kinda want to lay low on romantic comedies..

The preview makes me all hype!.. but I know I won't see it early same as 19.. which I haven't seen Jonghyun's & Minhyuk's High Fly.. gives me LSS

And here's 2AM's Love.. one of the soundtracks for the movie..

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