Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CNBlue's Love Light

I know I'm late with all the news... it sucks when you don't have internet connection at home, but there are some advantages of it.. we learn how to bond as a family in our house. Lovelight was released yesterday and even though it's not the title track I still love it, the fact that CNBlue participated on making that track makes it more even special, and I really think the song fits Jonghyun's style.. ughh.. I still want to hear a clearer version of his cover of "New Shoes"... back to the song, it's very lovely but yet again there's rap.. something that can never be taken out from kpop songs.. sometimes it irritates me but I learn how to accept it.

(and Yonghwa's "I'm genie for you girl") hahaha

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