Saturday, May 22, 2010


Yes CNBLUE is stepping out from YAB fandom. They sure prove people that they're not just ridding on YAB's fame, maybe they had a help but they didn't fade when YAB did. Love their new mini-album like their album's title it's very lovely. They didn't remove the rock band image but they just show another image of them. I love their romantic side, I feel like I'm going back to my old days.

Sweet Holiday
My favorite is Sweet Holiday, Lovelight and maybe Love.. because it's very catchy. Sweet Holiday is something you hear in movies when the couple is having their wonderful time in the park, or zoo (only if they didn't add too much rap, it would have been a perfect OST)
Love Light
And yes, I'm totally loving Jonghyun's voice than Mr. Yonghwa, he's just a sweetheart.. I wish they gave all the lines for LoveLight, not that I don't like Yonghwa, maybe he can sing the hook part, but such lovely song is for Jonghyun.. Lovelight is a song you hear in the intro of a romantic movie when the girl is getting out from her work in a flower shop, heading home to cook dinner and having a bright smile while cuddling her golden retriever pet.

Love.. how should I put in words? You can totally hear some lyrics from their I'm a loner.. or maybe a beat?.. But yea, you can totally feel the I'm a loner vibe. it's very catchy for it's "clap! clap! clap!" part but the whole is not very original like Sweet Holiday and Lovelight.

But all in all, I wanna buy their album! I really need my summer job now! I'm so broke now.. but hopefully I'll get a copy for myself.

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