Friday, June 19, 2009

[VARIETY] Family Outing

and now even reality tv shows in Korea is a big hit for me. At first I didn't even bother to watch the trailer because their attire sucks you can't even see pretty faces from the cast but then again I was wrong, well they're not so good looking but they're not ugly either, and that's what people want now to see... "reality", of course it's scripted in some way but you can see here in this show that they are being what they really are. And I really appreciate Hyori's natural beauty, she doesn't even care if her face is swollen when the camera is right in front of her face. This show is like Eat bulaga, not the same concept but how they get close together because of their everyday filming.

I'm also amazed by this show because in this generation we always rely on technology.. we always have instant something. They (family outing members) always go to small towns and fish for their own food, and make their own food from scratch and so on that technology is nowhere to be found. It makes me wanna go to Korea. hahah!... or maybe just in Koreatown and grab some Kalbi meat and Ramen noodles and Cold soup noodles..and Kimchi and Kimbap... Wahh! I gotta find time to visit Koreatown! It's killing me!!

Watch Family Outing: here & here

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