Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time for a change:2PMnida

Time For A Change- 2PM

WooYoung, TaecYeon, Chansung, Junsu, JunHo, JaeBeom, NichKhun

A product of JYP. I still can't decide who's number one among all the groups.. they have different styles... with their outfits.. not so much, but with their voice, they stand out in their own ways. Nichkhun does not excel in dancing nor in singing, but i think what makes him stay in the group is his look and his multilingual ability, JYP is a little obsess with english speaking talents. Jaebum.. hands down with his dancing skills, he's good at singing but Junsu really hits it. Jaebum reminds me of my past boyfriend when I was in first year high school. hahaha! I'm just sad to hear that he's jealous of Nichkhun.. he's good in his own way.. Nichkhun.. i love you, but you make Jaebum sad. Taec, nothing much about him, he looks like he's a good guy, watching him in idol army makes me wanna pick him. Junho is like Rain's carbon copy without the emo hair! and last but not the least.. WooYoung! he's so cute! seeing his baby pictures makes me think that he really wants where he's at right now. and and.. he's unique moves in star king ( i hope i can find a gif of that T_T) killed everybody! I hope what I see on t.v. is the real deal, I really hope to see more of them. I just hope that fabricated stories are not popular in Korean Entertainment.. I would be really disappointed if they do that also.

here are some of their songs that I really liked. although they are known from their song "10 out of 10" and "Again & Again" I still pick the slow songs because I think that's where true talents will "manifest" haha!.

Only You-2PM (Music Core)

I hate you-2PM

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